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Hi I'm Dan,

I am a fully qualified Government Approved Driving Instructor, and strive to deliver this to the highest standard in a relaxed and friendly manner.

Although I have a background in sales, I became a driving instructor as I was determined to do something that gave me that ever-elusive job satisfaction. I find that assisting somebody in developing the skills needed to drive is a great way of achieving this, and it's a fantastic feeling to witness a student realising their full potential.

The LD System that I use recognises that everybody is different and, as a result, allows for flexibility in lessons to ensure that you learn to drive at a rate that suits you.

As a father, I am passionate about ensuring that my son grows up in a safe environment. By helping develop the safe drivers of tomorrow, I feel I can contribute towards this.

As mentioned above, lessons are always conducted in a calm, relaxed and friendly manner as I firmly believe in making pupils feel at ease. I hope that after reading this you have a brief idea about me. If you'd like to get in touch, please click here to "Contact me"