Testimonials from some of my past pupils

I'd like to thank Dan for helping me to pass. I would highly recommend him to everyone. He's a really nice guy, and great instructor.

Big thanks to Dan on helping me pass my driving test 1st time. Brilliant instructor, and would definitely recommend 👍🏼

You will not find a better instructor than Dan! He has been so supportive, calming and encouraging! His style of teaching has been amazing. Having had 3 different instructors prior to Dan, I was starting to question if I would ever start to feel the confidence that everyone told me that I eventually would! Dan was extremely patient with me and I never felt under pressure or silly, and he kept me calm. He was always positive and enthusiastic, and it filled me with confidence. I feel Dan taught me more than just how to drive, he taught me how to believe in myself and trust myself and I couldn’t be more grateful! I really couldn’t recommend Dan enough, and if someone would have told me a few months ago I would be passing first time with just 3 minors I would have never believed them! Thank you so much!

Dan is a great instructor! He’s really patient, and great at building confidence. I can’t thank him enough for all of the support. Highly recommend! Thank you so much!

Dan was very supportive throughout my time learning to drive. I passed first time and I highly recommend him. Although I lacked a lot of confidence at the start, he helped me, and is an amazing instructor. Thank you!

Dan is a great driving instructor. He explains things clearly, is patient, and friendly, and drives you to learn quickly. Ultimately, with Dan I was able to go from having never driven before, to passing my test first time, within 3 months. Cheers Dan!

Dan is a great instructor, and very knowledgable in understanding my needs and requirements. Having previously had lessons a few years ago, I wasn't sure how I'd take to driving again, but with the guidance of Dan I enjoyed the process and was able to pass first time. Would highly recommend to anyone new to driving or starting lessons again after some time away.

I can’t thank Dan enough for helping me to pass my driving test, at the first attempt. Not only was Dan friendly, he was extremely patient and understanding, and helped me to gain confidence in driving on the roads. I booked the 15 hour test booster course, and thanks to Dan’s flexibility, I was able to pass within 6 weeks! I would highly recommend him to anyone wanting to learn to drive!!

I would like to thank Dan for being such a great instructor. He helped me gain confidence on the road and was incredibly patient throughout. Would highly recommend, thanks again!

Dan is a brilliant instructor, who taught me perfectly well how to drive. He is a great guy, and made my journey of driving really enjoyable.

Learning to drive with Dan as my instructor has been great; he was extremely helpful and patient throughout my learning experience. Thanks to Dan I passed first time and I am prepared to drive safely forever. I would highly recommend Dan to anyone looking for an instructor!

I chose to learn to drive with Dan as many friends had enjoyed learning with him. I was a nervous driver but Dan was always patient and helped me build confidence with my driving and I would definitely recommend him to anyone. Cheers Dan!

Tom Tom
Despite a rather challenging start to my driving journey, Dan was able to help me to become a confident driver very quickly and, ultimately, to pass my test first time. Dan’s an exceptionally knowledgeable instructor, which I found useful since I always had so many questions to ask whilst driving. I can’t thank Dan enough for helping me so much, 10/10! I would definitely recommend him to anyone!

Cheers Dan, thanks for getting me through my driving test and helping me pass first time!

Learning with Dan, not only did I learn how to drive a car, but also learned how to drive safely. The lessons were enjoyable and I have gained lots of experience.

I had heard good reviews about Dan Reed and decided to take my driving lessons with him. I found the whole experience enjoyable and informative, whilst Dan put me at ease. I highly recommend Dan as an excellent driving instructor.

I decided to contact Dan because my friend had passed first time with him. I definitely made the right decision, because he made me believe that I was good enough and confidence is everything out on the roads! Thank you Dan!

I would like to thank Dan for helping me pass my test and gain the confidence I needed when driving! I had experience previously with another instructor but made hardly any progress and lacked confidence. Dan’s patience and encouragement throughout made lessons fun and he really helped me feel relaxed when driving. I would highly recommend him to anyone. Thanks for everything!

Passed 1st Time
Dan has been an outstanding driving instructor for me, insuring that I passed in just over 2 months with 20 lessons...and first time! He pushed me throughout and made my experience of learning to drive a great one. Dan was overall a brilliant instructor and a top bloke, and I would thoroughly recommend him to anyone deciding who to learn with.

I cannot thank Dan enough for successfully getting me through the new driving test! Dan helped me gain my confidence behind the wheel, and made my learning experience relaxing and enjoyable.

I first started learning to drive 15 years ago, and had numerous driving instructors but never took a test now here I am with my license and it all thanks to Dan. He’s very patient, calm, understanding and an all-round great driving instructor.I cannot thank him enough.

I FINALLY PASSED! I can’t recommend Dan enough. My driving journey started 11 years ago, and one of my biggest gripes was not being able to find a driving instructor that I felt comfortable with in the car, ultimately I would just do a few lessons and give up. I suffer with anxiety but that didn’t faze Dan at all; he’s understanding, incredibly patient and will find a way to help you work on your weaknesses and build your confidence. I genuinely don’t think I could have had a better instructor!

I'm not going to lie, you're not gonna find a better instructor than Dan! I couldn't have passed without his help. He was extremely supportive, especially when I had school and university pressures on me. It was due to university that my driving 'journey' lasted longer that anticipated, and I only just passed before my theory expired! However, even with this extra pressure, Dan managed to keep me calm and help me to pass with only 2 minor faults. Dan will always put you first, and is more organised than Manchester United's back four! He's very patient, and will never shout or become frustrated if you make a mistake, however silly it may be! I 110% recommend Dan to anyone, and I hope you have as much fun as I did when learning with him!

From the get-go Dan was a great teacher and a very personable guy, very knowledgeable about all the aspects of driving and also crystal clear with what to do. He spotted every small mistake and made sure I didn't do it again by explaining the risks and how to do whatever it was correctly which I found massively useful. Overall I would thoroughly recommend Dan to anyone else!

I'd like to say a massive thank you to Dan. Despite initially being very skeptical about my ability to drive, Dan managed to target my weaknesses and give me the confidence I needed to even enjoy driving. A few months ago I believed I needed to be banned from the wheel, yet today I passed my test at the first attempt!

I'm very pleased with the result. Dan made the experience very relaxing and enjoyable throughout.

I was recommended Dan by a friend and can't thank him enough for getting me through my test. The lessons were fun and I can't wait to drive my new car!

I really want to say a massive thank you to Dan for helping me pass my test at the very first attempt. Despite being really nervous to begin with you helped me gain confidence and I'm so grateful. Thank you again!

Passed 1st time
Dan was great to learn with, gave me the confidence I needed and I passed first time! Thanks

I have enjoyed every second of learning to drive with Dan, I have been taught how to be the best possible driver. Thank you Dan, for giving me so much confidence when I'm out on the roads! I would highly recommend Dan as a driving instructor to anyone!

I hadn't driven for two years, yet Dan was able to easily pick up where I had left off with my last driving instructor. I chose the midway pass course, and passed first time. I can't recommend Dan enough. He was always calm and the drive was always relaxed, even though he always pushed me to do the best I could.

Great instructor, great bloke!

After many ups and downs previously behind the wheel, Dan built up my confidence from the bottom and I finally passed! Thanks so much for your help with everything Dan.

I would like to say a massive thank you to Dan not only for helping me pass but for giving me the confidence in my driving. I couldn't have done it without you and your incredible patience, thanks again!

As someone who was a bit late to the game after having years out from lessons, Dan restored my confidence in driving, big time! It was great to have someone calm next to me, and someone who wouldn't make a huge fuss over you doing something wrong - instead having the attitude of ''well what could we learn from that?". Dan is a brilliant instructor and I'll certainly be recommending him to others.

Best instructor I've had out of 3, very patient, understanding and a constant encouragement, very reliable and made learning really enjoyable. Couldn't speak more highly of Dan, he's the best instructor around! Highly recommended!!!

I was really nervous about learning to drive as I'd left it until after university and had no idea where to start. Dan was really good at calming me down and never made me feel stupid - even though I know there were times that I was! I had such a good time during his lessons and would absolutely recommend him to anyone who wants to learn how to drive. Thanks Dan!

Thanks to Dan's help, putting my nerves aside, I managed to pass my test. Dan made learning easy and fun. I finally have my independence!

Dan is an amazing teacher, and him staying calm during incidents really helped me become a better driver. Dan, you're fab - thank you so much!!

I would like to thank Dan for being a great instructor who is reliable, helpful and a great motivator. Dan has built up my self confidence when driving, and his lessons have allowed me to pass first time. The journey with Dan has been an enjoyable one, and I would highly recommend him to anyone.

Struggling with confidence and self-belief, I would usually work myself up over the smallest of things, but thanks to Dan, I have managed to pass my test. He was able to reassure me that I had the ability to drive, no matter how often I put myself down. So, I want to say thanks for helping me overcome my driving demons. If you're looking for someone who is friendly and will support you throughout your journey, Dan is your man!

I would like to say say a big thank you to Dan for helping me pass my test! Excellent instructor and made learning really fun! He's very encouraging and makes sure you're doing everything right - I would recommend him to everyone! Thanks again Dan.

I attempted my driving test twice before university and was unsuccessful both times, so I forgot about driving for three years. Upon graduating I wanted to do an intensive driving course so that I could finally get this out of the way. After looking at many driving courses in Newport, Dan seemed to offer the best value for money, so I completed the Test Booster Course which included 15 hours of lessons over three weeks as well as the test itself. Dan was an excellent teacher and seems very able to adapt his method of teaching to the situation. For me, Dan focused on adjusting my pre-existing driving ability rather than starting over and learning new methods from scratch. He was always very calm and helped keep me the same. Dan was also very flexible with our pickup locations, which was great as I often needed picking up from Newport train station for our lessons. I would thoroughly recommend getting in contact with Dan to anyone looking for professional driving lessons in the Newport.

Cheers Dan, and thanks for sticking with me when i was stressed through my exams and continuing to believe in me when even I didnt. You really made it easy. I'll see you the roads!

Dan is a very good instructor, really patient and is easy to get along with. After a slight break from driving due to university, I decided to book a block of 10 hours in which he boosted my confidence on the roads again. I would like to thank Dan for helping me pass my test first time and would recommend him to anyone!

I had quite a bit of inconsistency with driving lessons between a previous instructor and family, but Dan was able to cater lessons to suit my needs which enabled me to pass my test.

Learning at an older age was really nerve racking and had my confidence knocked by two previous instructors who didn't understand my hesitancy. From my first lesson with Dan he worked on improving my confidence and gave me the belief that I could drive. I would recommend him to anyone, great teacher plus some great banter!

Dan is an excellent driving instructor. He made me feel at ease and really relaxed from the start. I would highly recommend him to anyone.

After being involved in a nasty accident a few years ago whilst cycling, I completely lost my confidence on the road and stopped having driving lessons. As time went on, I felt I needed to start again, so I did some research and found Dan online. As soon as I met him I felt comfortable. He is a friendly and approachable instructor, who instantly put me at ease behind the wheel. Thanks to Dan's teaching methods and patience, I passed my test. I would recommend him to anyone who is looking to learn to drive. Amazing instructor.

It has taken me almost twelve months to get my license due to personal reasons, but Dan has been extremely understanding and accommodating all the way through. He has a nice relaxed approach to teaching, which put me at ease as I was extremely anxious about learning to drive. I will go out of my way to recommend Dan to anyone who wants to learn to drive.

After switching instructors, I found Dan was really good to get along with. His teaching style is great and He made sure I understood something fully before moving onto a new subject.

I'd like to thank Dan for his commitment in helping me learn to drive. He is patient, flexible, and makes lessons enjoyable. Learning to drive was a scary idea to me, but with Dan's help I now absolutely love being in the car. I would recommend Dan to everybody I know.

I would like to thank Dan for helping me pass my test on the first attempt, in just over 2 months, taking less than 20 lessons. He is very flexible and reliable, and helped out a lot to fit around my rugby commitments. I would highly recommend him to everyone.

Dan was a fantastic driving instructor, who taught me the skills I needed throughout my learning experience which helped me to pass first time. I would recommend Dan to absolutely everyone, he was very patient and encouraging throughout my 30 hours. Before many lessons, especially at the beginning, I was incredibly anxious, however Dan was reassuring when teaching me. Thanks for all your support and time you spent teaching me to drive. I have enjoyed working with you, it has been great!

After returning to driving after a fifteen year break, I was understandably nervous & apprehensive. Dan immediately put me at ease with his calm manner & confidence in me. I realised that learning to drive can be enjoyable, something I had never experienced when learning the first time around. I felt that Dan pushed me the right amount whilst always listening to my feedback. I will miss his endless stories, but am over the moon that I have finally passed.

Thank you an incredible amount, I couldn't have done it without you! There was always a lovely atmosphere in the car, and I always looked forward to our driving lessons. I definitely made the right decision choosing you as my driving instructor. Thanks again Dan.

Dan is a really understanding, easy going instructor who is extremely supportive and never loses his cool! He gave me the confidence to pass and I would recommend him to anyone.

Dan is a brilliant instructor. He is really understanding, and loads of laughs!

I only started lessons with Dan a few weeks ago. I had some driving experience, but wasn't majorly confident. He helped me over this with his patience and friendly nature. And his techniques and clear instructions led me to pass first times. Thanks Dan.

Dan really helped push me to passing and put a lot of faith in me and my driving, I didn't really like the idea of driving but after I got lessons with Dan he showed me everything I needed to know and was friendly at the same time, we always had a laugh and because of him I passed first time!

Thanks so much for everything Dan! I hadn't driven in a few years and I was nervous starting back again but Dan built my confidence and believed in me all the way. Thank you so much!

Dan easily provided both the encouragement and confidence to pass my test having not been on the road for months.

I was so happy to be able to pass my test with Dan in just 3 months. After learning with somebody else before, I have gone from a completely unconfident, nervous driver to extremely confident and really enjoying driving. And it is all thanks to Dan! An extremely friendly driving instructor who makes lessons fun and enjoyable,but helps you feel better about yourself. I wouldn't have been able to pass if it wasn't for Dan,and will miss our lessons and our chats whilst driving! I would recommend him to anyone who wants to learn and wants someone who is dedicated to helping you pass and do well.

Dan is a brilliant driving instructor and truly helped me overcome my confidence issues. I would definitely recommend him and the LDC system to anyone wanting to learn to drive.

I would like to thank Dan for his help in me passing my driving test. He is a very patient tutor and made it both quick and comfortable to learn. Without him, I wouldn't have passed with just 2 faults. I highly recommend him as an instructor.

Dan made me feel really confident on the roads, and the lessons were always enjoyable. I would definitely recommend Dan and LDC to anyone wanting to learn to drive.

Dan is a great driving instructor, very patient and allows you to pass your test as quickly as possible whilst keeping lessons enjoyable. I would definitely recommend Dan and LDC to anyone looking to start driving lessons.

Dan is an excellent instructor, and really proved to be value for money as I feel like a really confident driver now that I've passed.

Dan is a fantastic instructor. Before starting lessons with him I had little confidence in myself that I could drive and was adamant I would never learn. However over the last few months, Dan has built up my self-confidence when it comes to driving, allowing me to feel in control and pass first time. I would certainly recommend him to anyone wishing to learn to drive.

I needed to pass my test as soon as possible for work. I saw Dan's car on the road and looked into the courses that he had to offer. I ended up completing an intensive course with him. The LD system helped as I could study between lessons. Dan is a brilliant instructor and I will recommend him to anyone that wants to learn how to drive.

Niall & Connor Niall & Connor
I had a brilliant time learning with Dan over the last 5 months, I discovered there was a lot more to driving than I originally thought and in the car I felt so comfortable learning with someone who was easy to work with and made driving and learning fun. Dan also helped me with road signs and getting me prepared mentally for my test. I would recommend him to anyone.

Dan is a fantastic driving instructor. My lack of confidence behind the wheel stopped me learning at 17, and my anxiety when driving had certainly increased when I started again at 24! Dan was incredibly patient with me, never shouting or raising his voice, and happy to do things over and over again until I got them fully. He was always there with the box of tissues for tears - both frustrated and happy ones! The LDC workbook helped me focus in between lessons, and I was able to pass first time with only 6 minor faults (one less than my partner!)

After failing my driving test with a previous instructor, my confidence was knocked. However, Dan helped me regain it and really feel at ease after just one lesson! He's a great instructor and the LD system he uses really works. I'd recommend to anyone.

From not having had the best driving experience with a previous instructor, Dan helped me regain my confidence through his fun lessons and his relaxed attitude. This resulted in me finally feeling ready to do my test. I would highly recommend Dan for your driving instructor.

I'd never even sat behind the wheel of a car when I started lessons, yet Was able to pass my test in just a few short months. I would highly recommend Dan as your driving instructor as he makes the learning fun, and was a pleasure to do my lessons with.

I heard about Dan from multiple friends at school and, as I hadn't yet got around to choosing an instructor, I decided to give him a try. I didn't know what to expect when I started learning. There was obviously a lot of excitement and anticipation, and once I started my 'journey' I soon realised that there was a long journey ahead of me! What I can say though, is that my journey with Dan has been an enjoyable one and one that leaves me feeling like a very confident driver. I truly feel that I am ready to drive on my own, and now thanks to Dan and the LDC material, I have the pass certificate to prove it!

I contacted Dan having not had lessons for 6 years. We began with as assessment drive and, after seeing how easy going & understanding Dan was, I booked a block of lessons to take me up to test. We never wasted time on lessons, which I'd experienced before, and the LDC system helped in preparing me for my test. I passed first time!

I learnt to drive years ago, but never got around to booking a test. Dan came strongly recommended by a neighbour of mine, and he fully justified the high praise. Not only was he affordable, but even refunded some unspent hours as we had covered everything sooner that expected. This was a nice bonus, rather than just using them up for no reason. I passed first time with just 1 fault - right at the end!!!

I didn't have any driving experience before starting my lessons with Dan - in fact, I didn't even realise that the steering wheel represented the wheels on the road. But now I can drive, after passing my test first time with flying colours, so big smiles.

I booked a block of lessons through LDC and was really happy after meeting my instructor. Dan was very friendly, and I'd recommend him to anyone. I passed my test 1st time, at 9 months pregnant. And it started snowing halfway through!!!

I found Dan really understanding and felt he enhanced my driving skills tenfold. The lessons were really affordable, and I'd recommend both Dan and LDC to anyone.

Joe McHaleJoe McHale
Thank you so much for helping me pass my driving test first time - it was a great early Christmas present! The LD system is great and Dan's laid back approach put me at ease throughout the course. I'd recommend to anyone.

Thomas InglesThomas Ingles
I contacted Dan through his website as I wanted to be coached on passing my driving test. I already had previous driving experience, but had never taken a test. Dan catered the LD system to suit my needs and helped me work on my weaknesses to ensure I passed my test with flying colours. I always felt relaxed and comfortable on my lessons, and I'd recommend Dan to anyone.

After taking advantage of an offer of the first 5 hours for £60, I booked a block of 10 lessons and managed to pass my test 1st time.I'd recommend the LDC system to anyone, and Dan was really friendly and helpful throughout. Thanks so much!

Owain BeddoeOwain Beddoe
I booked the test booster course with Dan, as I'd had a few lessons a couple of years ago. The LDC system was great and the book and DVD helped a lot with both my theory and practical tests.

Dan is a fantastic instructor and made sure I was fully prepared for my test, which I passed at the first attempt

Stephen JamesStephen James
I booked a semi-intensive course with LDC and learnt with Dan. The LD system worked really well and helped a lot with the theory behind the driving. All in all, the course was brilliant and I'm over the moon with my pass!

I got in touch with Dan as I didn't feel I was making progress with my previous instructor. Following a few lessons I decided to opt for a block of 20 hours. Dan really helped me with my confidence issues, and the LD system gave our lessons structure, which I felt I was lacking before. I passed my test first time with just 1 fault, and I can't thank Dan enough. I'd highly recommend both Dan and LDC to anyone looking to learn to drive.

Due to a long waiting list at my local test centre, I contacted Dan for a short booster course so that I could take my driving test in Newport. Dan is a true professional, and by using the LD system, he was able to cater his coaching to me. Dan worked on my strengths and carefully identified my weaknesses so that I was able to pass my driving test. His teaching skills are second to none, and he helped me gain confidence in my ability. Thank you Dan!

I booked a semi-intensive course and passed my test first time, within 6 weeks! Dan was flexible to my circumstances, and even travelled a bit further at times to suit the situation. It is clear why the LD system is so successful, and I would recommend it (and Dan!) to anyone.